Tue Jul 25 2017 10:37:25

Welcome to the new website!


Well hello there!

As you can probably tell, we now have a brand new website. Exciting!

From now on, this website will be used as the main tool for communication and organisation for [GSD] together with the two WhatsApp groups that are already in use. In short, that means that all future applications and event planning will happen on this website. Next to that, we are also creating a new forums which will be used for discussions, suggestions, announcements and any mad idea your mind can conjure up!

To make this medium the best experience we can for you, we will ship most of the relevant content of our previous website over to this one. In addition, we will also continue to improve the website and make it more user friendly. You know ... getting you all those shiny tools and buttons to press!

If all goes well, you can expect the following changes (soon™):

  • Improvements to lay-out
  • Improvements to Calendar
  • Allow you to change mail address
  • Allow you to add an avatar image
  • Add a forum(bugs could still occur)
  • Fix all bugs that might occur
  • Improve performance & security

If you encounter any issues with the website, or have any requests or suggestions, please do let us know. Our very experienced team of two (who also happen to not have much experience) will do their best to offer you the best quality they can.

Hopefully you will enjoy this new website as much as we do!