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The Birth of a Princess - Part One



After nine months of torture and attempts to escape, the hour had finally come. The castle was eerily silent without the sobs and screams that had bounced off the walls and echoed through the halls. No one dared even look at poor Estrella as she walked up to the majestic throne room where her husband and king sat. The Mad King Thorn.

Slowly Queen Estrella shuffled towards him, her feet and back hurting of carrying the future Princess Thorn in her belly. She puffed and huffed with every step, but the guards gave her no rest and King Thorn barely paid her any attention.

“Sire. Here before you stands Estrella, your Queen and wife,” Dribbin, the king’s wizened counsellor, announced.

King Oswald looked at his counsellor with raised eyebrows. “Do you honestly think I would not recognise my own wife, Dribbin?” the King asked. “I may have sent her away, but I have always cared for her deeply. She is my wife! Did I not send her hay to eat during this difficult time? Sustenance to strengthen her body and care for my unborn child?”

Dribbin felt his throat go dry. With his heart racing in his chest, he quickly bowed towards his liege.
“Of.. Of course not, Your Majesty. I was simply following the proper Royal etiquette, sire.” He said, fearing for his life. The king was not above beheading his subjects, even those closest to him.

King Thorn barely paid him any attention, however, and quickly looked at his beloved wife.

“Speak, wife. What is it that you want of me?” the king demanded. “Do you require more hay, or another burning house to keep you warm? He asked, his laughter bouncing against the walls of the throne room.

Estrella visibly paled at the question and became even more anxious hearing his laughter once again.

“, Y..your Majesty,  I .. I .. I am ab about tttto .. to ” she stuttered, already dreading what would come.

“Get it out, woman! Spill it! Did you lose your tongue? That can be arranged, then we wouldn’t have to wonder if you’re mute anymore! It would certainly make my life a lot easier!” King Thorn shouted.

“S..she she is .. she is coming, Your Majesty, daughter,” Estrella managed to get out, falling on her knees and crying. She feared for her daughter’s life. Feared what King Thorn would turn her into.

King Oswald Thorne’s eyes lit up in happiness.

“Oh, now that is delightful! Such wonderful news! Dribbin! Dribbin, did you hear that? I am about to be a father! Oh what fun we shall have with our subjects! This calls for a celebration! Prepare the catapults at once, I shall indulge in my weekly target practice!” the king exclaimed in delight.

“Target practice, sire? Do you think that is a good idea? We only just fired flaming debris at the villages, destroying nearly half of them!” Dribbin worriedly said.

“That was to keep them warm, Dribbin. My subjects love me! Don’t question my orders, or YOU shall be the one we use for target practice!” the king replied.

“Y..yes, sire. At once, sire.” The counsellor said as he withdrew to inform the soldiers.

Breaking the silence now that Dribbin had left, Estrella cried out in pain. Her hands shot to her blown up belly, holding it. The baby was coming.

“Guards! Take her to the dungeons at once. I don’t care to hear her screams today, and I certainly don’t want her blood on my royal floor!” the Mad King commanded.

At once two guards took hold of Estrella, one on each side of her. They pulled her up and supported her as they lead her away to the dungeons. The steps on the stairs were slick with blood from the King’s little games, but the soldiers were well prepared for this. Every time Estrella slipped, they pulled her back up. Much to Estrella’s frustration, who tried to slip deliberately to end it all there.

 Whispers could be heard all throughout the dungeon, echoing and bouncing off the walls. When the guards opened the gate, however, the voices quieted down instantly. Each one of them afraid they would be next to play a part in the Mad King’s twisted little games.

The guards pushed Estrella in the holding cell with force, nearly making her trip. She shrieked in horror and surprise, but safely fell on a stack of hay.

“There you go, wench. We will be back when the baby is here, and don’t you even think about hurting her!’ the guards told her as they turned and disappeared back up the stairs.

With no guards around and left all by herself, the filth of the dungeons quickly came to her. All those who had dared oppose King Thorn, Estrella’s husband, were down here with her … waiting … watching. It made her feel uncomfortable.

“Now now, we haven’t seen the likes of you down here in … well, forever really,” one of them said, “What brings her Majesty down here? Are you here to provide us some entertainment perhaps?”

The prisoners watched her with lustful eyes, clearly fantasising what they could do with a woman laying helplessly on a stack of hay.

Slowly they came out of the darkness, closing in on her.

“Hello there, beautiful,” a brute of a man whispered, “bow before your new King”.

The other inmates chuckled. They grabbed Estrella by her arms, pinning her down and pulling her hair. In moments she was covered in dirt, ash and feces. Her beautiful dress torn to pieces, streaks of dirt smeared in her hair and on her skin.

Struggling to break free of the iron grips Estrella began to sob, still feeling the prisoners touch her in all sorts of places.

“Is this where my child will be born?” she thought, “Is this where she will have to grow up?”

Her sobs and whines only encouraged the wild animals further, driving them mad with lust and turning them brutal. They longed to feel the warmth of her skin, to take her then and there. A Queen amongst rebels, thieves and murderers. They didn’t care that she was clearly with child, about to give birth. It enticed them and they ripped off her clothes, pinning her down more fiercely.

“Hold still darling, this will all be over soon.” Another man said. “I never thought the king would give us a present as beautiful as you, we’ll take care of you now.”

The man ripped off the final piece of her dress, revealing her bare legs. It was only then that they stopped. Seeing a tiny little head coming out between her legs. Quickly they came back to their senses, horrified with what they had done.

Estrella could feel the pressure on her limbs fall away as they slowly retreated, back to the darkness of the dungeon. She looked up at them, a Queen looking up to an inmate, and begged with tears in her eyes.

“Please,” she sobbed, “please end it. Please end me, take my life. Kill my daughter, he can’t get his hands on Emillia. Please, I beg of you!”

“Please,’ she begged again, “Do with me as you please, but end her suffering now. Kill her, so she won’t have to suffer under his cruel jokes and terror. I don’t have the strength .. make it stop”.

One by one the prisoners turned away, glancing at one another with shame and pity written all over their faces. She may be Queen, but they could only imagine what it must be like to live with the Mad King Thorn. The man who had imprisoned them and considered them pawns in his sadistic games.

One of the men shuffled towards her, kneeling down in front of the babe. Estrella could see the determination and hardship in his eyes, the kindness he was about to grant her. Slowly the man reached for Emillia, his hands going for her throat.

Before he could reach her, he quickly fell to the floor on his side. Motionless. A spear protruding through his head jammed up between the prison bars, and blood seeping on the floor.

“No one is to touch her Majesty the Princess, heir to the throne!” a soldier barked towards the inmates. “Did you honestly think that would work, Your Majesty? The King gave us strict orders to protect the child, for you he has other plans” he said with a sadistic smile.

The guards took Emillia with them and brought her back upstairs. Back to her father, to be raised by the cruellest man of all: Mad King Oswald Thorn.