Sat Mar 24 2018 10:22:23

Testimonial: Kordana


Hey there,

I am Kordana, for those who don’t know me, don’t worry, that is normal, I am more of a silent enjoyer. But please get something to drink, grab a chair and have a seat, I’ll order some nacho’s or whatever you fancy to eat and let me tell you a story

Many, many years ago I started playing guild wars and really enjoyed playing it. Even got all the expansions, so when they weren’t making anymore expansions I started to get bored, but hey they were making Guild wars 2! After years of waiting they had finally announced the release date and, of course, I started playing right from the start, even from the 3 days head start.

The first few months I wanted to play alone, so I would not get too many spoilers and had some time to get used to the mechanics and stuff. Around this time 5 years ago I found myself ready for a guild, so I started looking, I even joined several, but every last one of them were not really my cup of cake. I was already giving up on finding a good, fun and casual guild, when I saw Karel recruiting in Lion Arch. I was like “let’s try this one, I don’t have anything to lose”. At that time it was a Dutch guild, but I was willing to give it a try and I will never regret making that decision. Although I was one of the very first guild members, the guild started to grow and become very active. We did a lot of stuff together.

But as every family has sometimes bad moments, we had that too. The guild started to get inactive, because a lot of members quitting guild wars 2. So Karel decided, after a lot of discussions , to go international. We got more members very fast and our family grew, which meant we could do events and dungeons and stuff. Since then we’ve had our ups and down, but for me more ups than downs.

This guild is like a family to me, it supports you through thick and thin. When I was/am down it always makes me happy again. When I need advice, it is always there to give me advice and guide me to a good, well thought decision.

Over the years I sometimes took a break from guild wars 2, because I got bored or had much stuff going on in real life, but Guardians of the Silver Dragons has and will always be one of the biggest reason I come back to guild wars 2. You only know what you got and only start missing something, when you ‘lose’ it.

So to make a long story short, I really love being in this guild and would not want to go without it. I always have fun with all of you, during events, special events and even when I am on break at work reading the whatsapp chat.

At the moment I am most looking forward to the guild meeting and finally meet a lot of you and spending time in “real life”.