Fri Mar 23 2018 11:53:30

Testimonial: Chris


Hello everyone, Chris here your friendly officer. Before we start in this fair warning, this might have a long preamble and be a bit emotional but I will try my best to keep it to a minimum. If it’s too long you can skip the first two paragraphs.

When it comes to my hobbies and gaming I’m a bit of a jack of all trades master of none. I like to try a lot of things and like switching between them from time to time. This has made the Guild Wars serie a favourite of mine as you might suspect. I’ve played the series from the start of GW prophecies till now mostly with friends and family. I played on and off during Guild Wars 2 and the Heart of Thorns expansion and really loved it when I did play.

Skipping ahead a bit to last summer, my then girlfriend and I weren’t doing well for quite a while and we broke up. She moved out and our two dogs went with her. As you can imagine going from a 3 year relationship with two dogs to an empty house was a very hard transition. I decided to play some Guild Wars 2 again and after a while I went on the lookout for a guild as I only had one friend who occasionally played at that time. Through Reddit I came across a post of a guild with a some dutch speaking people in it and EU based. They were mostly community, casual guild and as I am at my core a casual gamer this seemed perfect for me. So I applied to GSD without an idea what was waiting for me. I’ll be completely honest that I was a bit surprised about the fact that we had to apply on a website to get a TS conversation to get in a guild. It seemed a bit overkill to me but I thought why not. During the conversation with Karel I started to see the first glimpse of what the guild actually was and why they did the things they did. As you might suspect I got accepted and so another journey began.

With this guild I have explored my first Guild hall, managed to get lost countless times in said first guild hall, did my first guild missions and generally got to know a lot of fun new people. I can’t really express how important every single one of you were, and still are, during that period as it was a bit of a darker period for me. Alone in my house missing my dogs dearly GSD became a place that was always welcoming and a shelter for me from some of the realities of life I didn’t want to or couldn’t face at that moment. Every single person in the guild was just their own self and without even me asking, you were all there for me without a second thought. I can honestly say that GSD helped me through that period as much or even more than some of my best friends combined.

By the end of august GSD needed some new officers help get things organised. As I work in IT and am used to organising things and communicating stuff I saw this as an opportunity to maybe train those aspects a bit further. If I’m completely honest I never suspected I would be chosen as I was still pretty new to the guild. One night I came back from being AFK for a minute only to find myself in the officers channel in TS. Apparently I got dragged in there and everybody shouted surprise to a muted headphone xD. Cutting an already quite longs story short, I became an officer and started to help foster this magnificent guild further and organise events. I have been helping our team with the Guild meeting for this summer and everytime we talk about it, it blows my mind that we are actually doing this. We as a guild, people who met playing a bloody video game, are going to come together in one physical place and celebrate our friendship. To me that is an idea that I could never have imagined and even less how much all of you mean to me.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the time, love and fun you have given me. May we have many more moments like these.