Thu Mar 22 2018 07:08:11

Testimonial: Terrence


Under threat of violence and intimidation and the thought of having my bushes burnt down I have written the following testimonial.

I started playing D&D at a young age when computers were at their infancy (yes I am that old)

Internet was not around and Bill Gates was just a name in a university register. I loved anything to do with fantasy specially Conan books and Gary Gygax Modules. This was the stepping stones into the crazy world of Role-playing games.

Ishtar be praised along came the computer. Atari;Commodore 64; Apple Mac IIE etc. and the release of a new game called Wizardry (DADADAAH). I was hooked.

Due to the Sanctions against South Africa in the Apartheid years outside communication was almost impossible. Everything was monitored and Internet was still a Dream in a young nerd’s bathroom along with scope magazine with bars or stars on naked girl’s bits. That all changed (yes even the stars and stripes).

Along came dial up. Thus was born my love for MMO’s. Games like Ultima online and Everquest .

It was Ok to play on dial up but most of the time unplayable with our current system

Then the life changing events of the 2000’s happened. World of Warcraft and Guild wars 1. Also the release of a new technology called Edge. OMG did that blow me away. I tried Guild wars 1 but the lag was totally unbearable but HELLO Warcraft. Into the game I went and low and behold GUILDS.

I played for 4 years with friends and family in multiple guilds some good but most not great. Infighting and emo were the name of the game. Tried Eve online and that did not rev my motor other games also did nothing much for my libido.

Along came guild wars 2 with the release of ADSL and HSDPA. And you guessed it “More guilds”

The difference was in this game there was “friendliness” nothing like the other games. People were more accepting. This may have been due to the fact that there were more woman in the game then in the other MMO’s (Koodos to them) (My opinion) however all was not sunshine and roses. I just do not fit into the guilds due to my strange sense of humor and sometimes obnoxious attitude to infighting. I have always hated it when the member start belittling other members even if it is in a joking manner.

Along came GSD. I joined Karel and GSD when the guild was in the prehistoric periods of its existence.

Karel was a young guild leader struggling to keep the young dragon alive. The infighting amongst the hierarchy was horrific. However all the guildies seem to accept me and my quirks so I stayed?

Then came the soul destroying, Ass ripping, shot between the eye’s news. GSD was ending. Karel had had enough and decided to no longer represent the guild. My life was in tatters, the end was nigh, was life worth living. I had enough and quit the guild. Here Iwas again trying to find new guilds. Nothing was working for me. I was speaking to Karel online and he told me he had joined a new guild would I like to join. I joined and the guild was really nice. I had a few issues with them as I only had to represent them and could not take part in other friend’s activities. I was given the ultimatum to leave or stop playing with other friends so in keeping true to myself I told them to go and ………… I was in the dumps again. Just a few days later Karel told me that he was going to reactivate GSD and would I like to join.

The ecstasy was there again. Excitement and passion were once again flowing through my loins. I joined and was happy to see that Karel had recruited some other people from the old guild as well as some new ones. I had come home.  I became an officer along with Becky and together we ruled GSD’s 5 or 6 members.

We started recruiting and the guild began to grow. Karel reorganized the guild and chose new officers and thus we have the guild we have today.

I love being in this guild and being part of the collective. (I’m a bit needy that way) I hate solo play and always want to be part of a group which 90% of the time happens in this guild. If I leave this guild it will be because I have stopped playing Guild wars. Even though some people can drive me insane at times, that is part of being a family and that is how I feel about the guild. Thanks for the wonderful years I’m sure there will be many more to come.


The Big Willie