Wed Mar 21 2018 10:16:53

Testimonial: Kitty


My GW2 story is uneventful and anticlimactic, although that doesn’t make it any less of an experience. So sit back, relax and take a small trip down memory lane with me. Maybe grab a drink of something to help you get through, mines a wine please ☺

July 2013 after a fair amount of badgering from Dave I picked up a copy of Guild Wars 2. I’d tried a Sylvari on his account first and decided I was definitely not a tree person. So my ever faithful Necromancer was born.... LightningPaws. She didn’t feel like my trusty Necro from Runes of magic but that game had long since deserted me (it wanted more than my CPU could muster). So together we diligently worked through the story and stamped out all the hearts on maps along the way. Dave was already ahead of me and I refused his help to catch up. That was until the very end of my storyline, the final dungeon. This was my first experience of PUGing. I was kicked from the party in about 2 minutes, so we tried again and I got kicked again and finally on the 3rd attempt we did it. A PUG group that would keep me!

I quickly lost interest doing dailies (and monthlies) so focused on my world map completion. After this I bummed around for a while. In this time we moved from Oxfordshire up to Lincolnshire and left a lot of our friends behind. In the September of 2015 Dave was diligently filling out an about me on a gaming website quite excited to join a guild and for the release of Heart of Thorns. Ever slow to the mark I didn’t get to fill out my own about me application until the May of 2016. It was witty, brilliant and I giggled to myself the whole way through writing it. I was drunk. Being “Wife of Dave” I was let in and I started to learn how to use all kinds of newfangled technologies like Team Speak. I’m told my first time was hilarious; but I have a shocking memory and.... you guessed it I was drunk.

I soon started doing fractals regularly with several other guildies and spent a lot of time waiting for them to come and pick me up and dust me off; but I never got kicked from the group! This was not like PUG people. Guild Wars 2 quickly became my favourite thing to do it the evening as it gave me a chance to catch up with all the lovely people I had made friends with and forget about work. It was a blissful summer where I stayed up way past my bedtime and learnt so much about the game. It also didn’t feel like such a stupid decision anymore to have moved away from our friends as we had made so many new ones.

The guild went inactive in the January of 2017 and I lamented the fact with a passion (Just ask Karris I think I told him about 200 times.) We all still kept in touch and continued to do Fractals and Dungeons and it didn’t seem too scary. Wizz back through to the summer and we reunited, Hussar!! Karel was looking for some officers to help lighten the load and run events. Having joined under Becky and Terrence I threw my hat into the ring (well I emailed Karel a mini application – this time not drunk) but didn’t expect to hear anything. So in July 2017 Dave and I became officers. Karel had already planned to visit us in the UK so 2 weeks later we sat and brain stormed event ideas, we came up with 23 different things; we even discussed the idea of a guild meet up. Karel and I fill Dave’s youtube recommended list with cat videos and Karel got to witness firsthand how slow my laptop and internet was. Path of Fire was announced and I was on a race to build a super computer; one capable of keeping up with my extraordinary computing skills. You beautiful people yet again stepped up and taught me about all the components and what we were going to want. So now I have a computer I can actually see the boss on and a guild to call my family (the internet is still shit.) Dave (was a rubbish officer) got very busy at work and didn’t have as much time to offer the guild so dutifully stood down and we recruited again for some more willing victims.

We’ve had a lot of surveys in my time in the guild and for the majority of them there has been an anything else you would like us to know question at the end. Yes, I know this should be about the survey and guild engagement but my answer is always the same. So I’m going to leave you with my favourite phrase which most definitely applies to GSD and my survey answer for those of you that don’t know it.

Friends are the Family we Make

Dave looks awesome in a suit.