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Emillia Thorn - Part One


The birth of a Princess

Emillia’s birth was a gruesome one, a story long lost and forgotten to all. Only few know what happened that day, when poor Estrella gave birth to a new Thorn.

The Mad King demanded that Estrella were taken to the dungeons, when the time was there to give birth. He cared little to hear her screams or let her spill her blood on his royal floor. It was not one of his little games, this time, so why would he care? While Estrella was led to the dungeons and thrown on a bay of hay, the Mad King turned to his subjects and continued his little game.

With no guards and left alone, the filth of the dungeons quickly came to her. All those who had dared oppose King Thorn, Estrella’s husband, were down there with her…waiting… watching. They grabbed her by her arms, pinned her down and pulled her hair. Soon, Estrella was covered in dirt, ash and feces. Her beautiful dress was torn to pieces, streaks of dirt covering her hair and skin. Struggling to free herself and feeling the prisoners touch her in all sorts of places, Estrella began to sob. “Is this where my child will be born?”, she thought, “is this where she will have to grow up?”. Her sobs and whines only encouraged the wild animals further, driving them mad with lust and turning them brutal. It did not take long for them to start ripping off her clothes and pin her down more fiercely.

It was only when they saw her legs, covered in blood, that they spotted the tiny little head coming out between her legs. It was only then that they came back to their senses, that they listened to her sobs and cries and stopped. Estrella could feel the pressure on her limbs fall away as they slowly retreated. She looked up at them, a Queen looking up to an inmate, and she begged with tears in her eyes. She begged them. Begged them to continue, to take her life and kill poor Emillia.

“Please,” she said, “please have mercy and set us free. Just .. make it stop. Do with me as you please, but end her suffering now. Kill her, so she won’t have to suffer under his cruel jokes and terror. I beg you!”.

One by one the prisoners looked away, glancing at one another with shame and pity all over their faces. They could only imagine what it must be like to live with the Mad King Thorn, the man who had imprisoned them and considered them pawns in his sadistic games. Before it had all sunk in, however, the guards returned and took Emillia back upstairs, back to the royal palace where she would now be known as Princess Thorn. And so, Emilia was born, in the darkest and filthiest place of a rich and magnificent castle. Born to be raised by the cruellest man of all: her father, Mad King Oswald Thorn.